A woman with a rare double uterus has given birth twice in two days.

It is unknown if the same man is the father of both babies.

A woman with a condition known as “uterus didelphys” or “double uterus” possesses two separate uteruses instead of the typical single uterus. This rare anatomical abnormality occurs during fetal development when the Müllerian ducts, which normally fuse together to form one uterus, remain separate. Each uterus has its own cervix, and in some cases, a woman with this condition may also have two vaginas.

In such cases, if a woman with uterus didelphys becomes pregnant, it’s possible for each uterus to support its pregnancy. This condition makes it feasible for the woman to conceive and carry separate pregnancies simultaneously, one in each uterus. Essentially, she can conceive and gestate two fetuses concurrently, leading to the rare scenario where she gives birth to two children at the same time or within a short period.

This phenomenon is exceedingly rare and occurs in a small percentage of women with uterine abnormalities. It requires precise conditions, and the pregnancies usually progress independently within each uterus, similar to having two separate pregnancies occurring in different individuals. The births, therefore, can occur nearly simultaneously or within a short timeframe, resulting in the delivery of two babies.