One family got a little something extra when they picked out their Christmas tree this year – a baby owl.

Lexington, Kentucky resident Michele White told WDKY-TV that it’s a tradition for the family to pick out a Christmas tree every year and this year seemed no different. They had the tree in their home for four days and didn’t notice anything unusual.

“I have three dogs,” Ms White said. “We use this room nonstop: watch TV; the kitchen’s right here; no indication.”

Bobby Hayes, who owns Magic Carpet Cleaning and was at the home while the family was out, first noticed the bird after plugging in a piece of equipment and seeing the tree start to sway.

“The owl was literally sitting on a lower limb here,” Mr Hayes said.

“It crawled up into the tree further,” Mr Hayes said. “It took me several minutes to even find it.”

He sent photos to Ms White, who said she was glad he was there to deal with the animal. Mr Hayes said he was able to safely release the owl in the family’s backyard.

“Everybody’s going to be able to have a merry Christmas now,” Mr Hayes said.

Ah, discovering an unexpected owl nestled within your Christmas tree can surely turn your holiday preparations into a whimsical adventure! Here’s a humorous take on what to do:

  1. Stay Calm, Don’t Hoot and Holler: First things first, don’t panic! As shocking as it may seem to find an owl perched amidst the tinsel and baubles, it’s probably just enjoying the festive ambiance.
  2. Consult the Tree Topper or Wise Old Ornament: Seek advice from the tree’s most ‘experienced’ ornament or the tree topper – they’ve likely seen it all. Perhaps they’ll have wise counsel on how to peacefully negotiate the owl’s stay.
  3. Avoid Tinsel Tangles: Steer clear of flapping tinsel or glittery garlands; the last thing you need is a festive fowl caught in a tinsel tangle! Offer some tree space but let the owl enjoy the holiday glamour from a safe distance.
  4. Get the Cookies and Milk Ready: Owls might confuse Christmas trees for a nesting spot, thinking Santa’s bringing them a festive home. While Santa might not have the owl on his gift list, a plate of cookies and milk could be an owl-enticing bribe to encourage a graceful departure.
  5. Deck the Owl with Boughs of Holly: If all else fails, turn the unexpected guest into a festive ornament! Grab some miniature Santa hats or tiny ornaments and join in the holiday cheer. Who wouldn’t want an owl-mazing addition to their tree décor?
  6. Call Santa’s Avian Assistance Hotline: If the owl seems bewildered by its Christmas tree adventure, consider reaching out to Santa’s Avian Assistance Hotline. After all, who understands holiday antics better than Santa?

Remember, a visit from an owl in your Christmas tree could be a hoot of a story to share for years to come. But if you’re unsure how to coax your newfound feathered friend out of the evergreen, don’t be afraid to seek advice from wildlife experts or Santa’s little helpers – they’re always ready to lend a hand during the festive season’s most ‘owl-some’ surprises!