Crisp lovers will soon be able to buy an alcoholic drink which tastes like Doritos.

The PepsiCo-owned brand has released a new spirit based on its nacho cheese-flavored chips “that smells and tastes just like the real thing,” a news release said. The company partnered with Empirical, a business known for making spirits with creative flavors, to release the Empirical x Doritos Nacho Cheese Spirit

What’s next? Hot Dog flavored water?

Doritos, the iconic triangular-shaped corn chips, have a distinct flavor profile that combines bold seasoning and a crunchy texture. The classic Doritos contain a few key ingredients, and their flavor is primarily achieved through a unique blend of seasonings. Here’s an overview:


Corn: The base ingredient of Doritos is ground corn masa, which is processed and formed into the chip shape.

Vegetable Oil: Typically, corn oil or sunflower oil is used for frying the chips, providing the desired crispiness.

Seasonings: The seasoning mix is where the magic happens! It usually consists of a combination of ingredients like salt, various spices (such as paprika, chili powder, onion powder, and garlic powder), cheese powder, sugar, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

Flavor Profile:
Doritos are renowned for their bold and zesty taste, offering a combination of savory, tangy, and slightly spicy flavors. The primary flavor of Doritos varies depending on the specific variant or seasoning used, such as:

Nacho Cheese: One of the most popular Doritos flavors, known for its savory cheese flavor with a slight tanginess and hint of spices. It's a robust and addictive taste that keeps people reaching for more.

Cool Ranch: Another classic flavor, characterized by a tangy buttermilk and herb seasoning that provides a cooling sensation, complementing the corn chip base.

Spicy Nacho, Sweet Chili, and other Varieties: Doritos come in various flavors to cater to different taste preferences. Some are spicier, some have a sweeter or tangier profile, offering a wide range of taste experiences.

Overall, Doritos are recognized for their satisfying crunch, intense seasoning, and addictive flavor combinations. They’re a go-to snack for those craving bold and exciting taste sensations, making them a staple in the world of snack foods. It’s best to separate your drinks from your food. Grab a bag and a bottle and enjoy the evening.