Remember when that composer at the coronation had to come out and say he wasn’t Meghan Markle in disguise?

2023 was a year of challenges and adversity, but through it all, there were moments of humor and levity that helped us find joy in the midst of chaos. From viral videos to hilarious memes, here are some of the funniest moments of 2023 in the USA that had us laughing out loud.

The Fainting Goats Video

A video of fainting goats went viral on social media, and it had everyone in stitches. The video showed a group of goats fainting one by one after being startled, and the reactions of the other animals and the owners were priceless. This video provided much-needed comic relief in a year filled with stress and uncertainty.

The “Unicorn” Frappuccino Craze

Starbucks released a limited edition “Unicorn” Frappuccino, and the internet went wild. The colorful and Instagram-worthy drink became a sensation, with people lining up to try it and posting hilarious reactions and memes online. While the drink itself may have been polarizing, the craze surrounding it was undeniably funny.

The Presidential Dog Photo Scandal

The White House released a photo of the presidential dog stealing a sandwich from a staffer’s hand, and it quickly went viral. The photo was both hilarious and relatable, and it reminded us that even the most powerful people in the country have to deal with mischievous pets.

The “Mood” Playlist

Spotify released a new playlist feature that analyzed a user’s listening history and created a personalized “mood” playlist. However, the algorithm didn’t always get it right, and people shared hilarious screenshots of their “mood” playlists that ranged from “upbeat and energized” to “sad and melancholy” to “existential dread.”


2023 was a challenging year for the USA, but through it all, there were moments of humor and laughter that helped us find joy and connection. From the fainting goats video to the “Unicorn” Frappuccino craze, the presidential dog photo scandal, and the “mood” playlist mishaps, these funny moments remind us that laughter is a powerful tool for resilience and coping in difficult times.